Table tennis team building helps Hongbo

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In order to enhance the cohesion of the team and sublimate the corporate culture with Hongbo characteristics, the company often organizes the staff group construction activities from time to time.
     On the afternoon of June 1, the company held a table tennis competition called "ping pong League building, helping Hongbo". Each employee of the company actively signed up for the competition. In the competition, the employees cooperate in the competition and compete in the cooperation. It reflects Hongbo's values - through teamwork, to achieve your dreams and your company's ideals. Employees cheer up and strive for each other actively, just as Hongbo people show their dedication and passion in their work.
     At the end of the competition, Hongbo provides a good platform for the growth and Realization of its own value, and also makes efforts to keep going forward. Hongbo team has always been around its own value and mission in any activity, taking science and technology as the core of the first productivity, and carefully designing, planning, R & D, rehearsing, and testing, and constantly improving, enterprising and growing. As a part of Hongbo, employees have always focused on Hongbo's mission, through learning and growing, they can discover their own energy and achieve their own and customers.