"Unite the team, win the future" -- Hongbo Group construction activities

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Spring travel is an opportunity to relax, return to nature and feel the spring full of vitality. The company organized a barbecue party, Taxus base beautiful scenery, it is refreshing. The purpose of organizing the group building activity is to improve the team cohesion, create a harmonious atmosphere, improve the efficiency of team cooperation and win Hongbo in the future.
     Barbecue party, experience farm life; Take a group photo to enjoy climbing; Tug of war and rope skipping to create a harmonious atmosphere. In the barbecue party, colleagues have a clear division of labor, unity and cooperation, and help each other. In the process of climbing, we march forward bravely, not afraid of the road ahead, rough and thorny. When encountering obstacles, colleagues help each other. When encountering backwardness, they support each other. In the end, each colleague successfully climbed to the top and left a commemorative group photo of Hongbo on the yew apron. Overlooking the "Taxus" mountain scenery, it is high spirited, fighting spirit, so many beautiful scenery! The final tug of war activities for the God of the event drew a perfect end.