"Rescue" in the side: Zhejiang Shaoxing Red Cross Society, together with Hongbo Electric Power Technology, to build a defense line of life safety

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 In the afternoon of July 6th,Zhejiang Hongbo Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. carried out the Red Cross emergency rescue training, the training aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of emergency rescue, to ensure that employees can save themselves in an emergency and can save others in a timely and effectively manner.

The training was honored to invite Feng Xiuping to explain, she is the Red Cross emergency rescue trainer, director of the Office of Jianhu Street Community Health Service Center, Yuecheng District. With his rich experience and profound professional knowledge, Ms.Feng provides comprehensive first aid courses, including: CPR, AED, heat stroke, electric shock, Heimlich Manoeuvre, drowning rescue, burns and other emergency response strategies and rescue methods.

Through explaining theoretical knowledge, watching videos, demonstrating operation methods and simulating drills, the training ensures that every employee can fully grasp the basic procedures and methods of first aid. The staff experienced the frequency and strength of CPR to ensure that they could respond calmly in the real situation and strive for more survival opportunities for patients. Through this interactive learning experience, the employees not only deepen their understanding of first aid knowledge, but also improve their practical skills.

Life is priceless, and first aid comes first. The cooperation between Zhejiang Red Cross Society and Zhejiang Hongbo Electric Power Technology not only improves the first aid ability of the employees, but also shows our corporate culture, and sows the full seeds of caring for and respecting for life. After training, the employees said they benefited a lot and felt more confident to take the right measures in an emergency at work. Hongbo Electric Power Technology will continue to hold similar training lectures to further improve the safety awareness of employees and the emergency rescue ability of employees, and to contribute to the society at critical moments.