A competition not only for skills, but also for quality

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On May 4, the third skills competition of Hongbo Electric Power Technology was held as scheduled. Dozens of skilled workers from the production line participated in the competition. The skills competition has been highly valued and strongly supported by the company leaders.

In order to strengthen the professional skills of the staff and cultivate the teamwork ability, the competition group is divided into five groups by the way of team cooperation in one assembly and two wiring positions through random matching. The contestants take the work site as the "battlefield", and the MNS low-pressure cabinet as the competition cabinet type, and every player goes all out to display their skills. With the company's quality inspection requirements as the standard, the primary loop screw fastening, electrical distance, secondary wiring according to the drawing, technology, and so on, these important details are the players need to pay attention to.

As of 11:30 a.m. on May 7, the contest ended. The Quality inspection department shall cooperate with the technical department to conduct quality inspection and score according to the technical specifications and process standards. Based on the scores, the first prize fell to the second group composed of Zhou Yanli, Pan Danjiong, Leng Yangyang and Zhao Tianhuai, and the second prize was the fourth group of Yu Xianfeng, Qiu Yuejun, Li Dan and Zhang Mengdan. Company leaders awarded them certificates of honor and bonuses to encourage them.

The competition ended on May 15, Hongbo promising young people will continue to devote themselves to the busy work with full work status, shining and heating in each position; Hongbo adhering to the concept of quality as the cornerstone, science and technology for development, believes that it can go further and further on the road of electric power construction......