The most beautiful April day, fire safety should be the first

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In order to effectively strengthen the daily safety work of our company, improve the safety awareness and self-rescue ability of employees, at critical moments, can save themselves, save other people, and reduce property losses. Our company, together with Keqiao District Fire Brigade Pingshui Squadron, carried out the annual fire emergency evacuation drill on April 27.

Production safety training and fire protection knowledge training were held at 1 pm.

At 3 pm, the alarm went off.

The drill simulated the fire respectively in the production workshop and the office building. After the personnel on duty found the fire, they launched an alarm "fire" and immediately reported it to the headquarters, started the fire emergency evacuation plan, and quickly dialed "119" for the police.

The command group is calm, the evacuation group in the safety exit loudly guide " Don't panic! Escape here, and the safety exit is here". The fire fighting team used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, search and rescue the trapped people.The rescue team confirmed whether there was anyone injured and judged whether it needed to call 120. All the workers responded quickly, with the shortest time escaped from the fire scene and carried out fire self-rescue,excellently completed the drill.

Through this fire drill, expanded the scope of fire knowledge, strengthened the awareness of fire safety, so that we better understand how to emergency in fire accidents, and laid a foundation for the efficiently and orderly development of safety production work in the future.