38 Goddess Festival

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She has a lot of roles.

In life,

She was a mother, a wife, and a daughter

She is like the warm sunshine, caring for the family with selfless love.

Meanwhile, in the work,

She is also a professional elite,

She showed off her ability and talent.

In this breezy spring of March,

In the name of flowers, we pay tribute to every great Hongbo person.

Part1 Gift distribution


Deputy General Manager Feng Guanghai for each female worker sent flowers and holiday gifts. A gift represents our company's best wishes to all our women employees and our appreciation for their continued contribution to the company.

Part 2 Group photo of all the female workers

Colleagues communicate in a warm environment, which promotes mutual understanding and enhances the cohesion of the company, Hongbo will be committed to creating a good working environment, so that every woman can give full play to their unlimited potential.Finally, I wish all the female workers of the company healthy,confident and beautiful forever in the future!