New energy storage, new future

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In the face of the increasingly serious energy crisis and carbon emissions, our company officially released a new product - energy storage.

This product is used in combination with photovoltaic, using the storage of light energy and the peak and valley arbitrage of the power grid, peak cutting and valley filling, frequency regulation and voltage regulation, to achieve the best use of energy. It has no noise and no pollution during operation, and truly realizes green environmental protection. At the same time, the product has miniaturization, convenient disassembly and assembly, free capacity collocation, can adapt to different working environments and needs, cloud platform data analysis and transmission judgment,can well meet the needs of the power grid and users.

The launch of industrial and commercial energy storage products marks an important step in the field of new energy. Our company will continue to invest in research and development, promote the development of new energy with innovative technology, and make greater contributions to the optimization of the global energy structure.