1GWh! Artes wins a big overseas energy storage order!

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North Star Energy storage network learned that on October 26, Artesian announced that its energy storage subsidiary e-STORAGE signed a 1GWh DC battery energy storage solution supply contract. The company will supply equipment to DEPCOM Power and Tucson Electric Power's (TEP) energy storage project in Arizona, USA.

It is reported that e-STORAGE will provide SolBank energy storage solutions to the Roadrunner Reserve System project, which will be built by DEPCOM Power. The project has a rated capacity of 200MW/800MWh (AC,). TEP will own and operate the project, which will be one of the largest energy storage systems in TEP's grid and one of the largest in Arizona. Once operational, the project will provide four hours of domestic electricity to approximately 42,000 homes. This is the second major project that e-STORAGE will deliver in Arizona since it began delivering energy Storage systems to the Papago Storage project (1,200 MWH / 1,519 MWH DC) in August. The Papago project is scheduled to begin operations in late 2024, and the Road Runner Reserve System project is scheduled to begin operations in the summer of 2025.

According to the data, ArTUS Energy storage has deployed more than 3.3GWh of battery energy storage solutions in China, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and the total installed capacity and the total contract reserve reached 12.4GWh. e-STORAGE has two industry-leading manufacturing capabilities with an annual capacity of 10GWh. SolBank Energy storage system is its energy storage system product, using the safest battery technology, with LFP batteries, efficient liquid cooling system and multi-stage fire safety management system, combined with the most advanced monitoring and control system and battery balancing system to ensure safe operation and optimal product performance.