Shen Wenzhong: BC battery technology is ushering in development opportunities

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On October 31, Longi Green Energy, Gansu Institute of Natural Energy and Xinhuanet jointly sponsored the theme activity of "40 Years of Chinese Photovoltaic" to visit China's oldest existing photovoltaic power station, held in Yuzhong County, Lanzhou, Gansu province. Shen Wenzhong, director of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, attended the event and said that the photovoltaic technology route situation has changed, and BC battery technology is ushering in development opportunities.
Since 2023, Longi Green Energy has sounded the horn of BC battery, and BC battery technology has been rapidly mass-produced.
Shen Wenzhong said that the biggest advantage of BC battery is that there is no cover on the front, the battery is beautiful, and the design optimization of the front and back are not implicated. However, the BC battery technology process is complex, the scale is relatively small, the industrial chain is not fully developed, and the industrialization development of the past 20 years is not suitable for the photovoltaic technology route with low electricity cost.
"Now the situation has changed dramatically." Shen Wenzhong believes that the opportunity of BC battery technology is to meet the requirements of the mainstream technical route, such as PERC, TOPCon, heterojunction and other battery technology platforms, combined with silicon quality improvement, process simplification, and non-silver metallization process applications, which are conducive to reducing costs, plus leading the supporting development of the industrial chain. Now it seems that TOPCon and heterojunction are competing, but on the BC battery platform, the future must be converged development."
Industrial support is very important for the development of photovoltaic. Shen Wenzhong noted that after the large-scale industrialization of BC battery technology, the industrial chain of various suppliers is developing rapidly. "Laser is very important in the development of BC batteries, and there is a copper plating process, with copper plating TBC batteries, which is an important development direction for future industrialization."
Shen Wenzhong believes that crystalline silicon back contact batteries will develop rapidly and become popular. There are three reasons to support his judgment: mature PERC, TOPCon, heterojunction industrialization platform; Laser graphics and non-silver metallization applications; Leading enterprises and industrial chain supporting applications. (Shi Haiping)