2020 Annual Meeting and 2019 Commendation Conference

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Looking back on the past 2019, we have overcome difficulties together and won victories again and again! Looking forward to 2020, we will continue to innovate, take the first step and write a new charter.

On January 15, 2020, the company held a grand commendation conference and annual meeting, at which the general manager and vice president made a New Year's speech, encouraging employees of all departments to create new achievements on the basis of 2019, and sincerely thanked all employees of Hongbo for their hard work.

At the annual meeting, a variety of interesting games were held, such as "rooster laying eggs", "You show me a guess", "digital hug group" and other games, everyone actively participated in the whole event, full of laughter, full of warm and peaceful festival atmosphere. In particular, the game of "rooster laying eggs" was full of laughter and fun. The lucky draw brings the whole event to a climax.

In 2020, when the sun of the New Year begins to shine on the earth, we begin a new journey, do not miss the past, do not fear the future, we must be firm confidence, strong perseverance, unyielding spirit, to complete our dreams and missions.