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It's the time of activity! In this cool autumn season, in order to let the workshop staff relax and enjoy themselves in the busy work, the company specially carries out the autumn League building activities to let the workshop staff get close to nature, release the work pressure, rekindle the work morale, and improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of small partners.
     Let's take a walk along the beach, blow the sea breeze, let our mood fly, and feel the vitality of the team together. Two days of interesting and meaningful group building activities have brought us closer in laughter and laughter, and enhanced the friendship among colleagues. The wisdom and courage of the team have been perfectly reflected in the group building activities.
     On the first day of the construction of the regiment, teams were formed on the beach during the day to compete and build sand together. The barbecue and bonfire party in the evening pushed the atmosphere of the day to a climax. The cool sea breeze, the bonfire and the gorgeous lights made everyone dance on the beach.
     Tuanjian got up early the next day, lazily enjoying the beautiful scenery of sunrise in the morning on the beach. Facing the sea breeze, fishing, harvest different "delicious", eat seafood, with the victory of the harvest, set foot on the return bus, this activity in imperceptible perfect end.