New Energy

Connect photovoltaic, Charging station and power grid to form an integrated system of optical storage and charging;

High protection level, suitable for use in various harsh environments;

Standard cabinet design, capable of multiple parallel units supporting MW level energy storage system requirements;

Intelligent thermal management system to cope with different temperature environments;

Internal modular design to meet different capacity requirements;

Built in fire protection system to deal with extreme situations such as Thermal runaway.

High & Low-voltage Switchgear

High and low voltage complete equipment refers to a series of interrelated and coordinated combinations of various equipment that can achieve power transmission and distribution, as well as protect the safe operation of power equipment. It is composed of high voltage and low voltage parts and is mainly used in power distribution stations, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, and other places in the power supply system.
In the power system, complete sets of high and low voltage equipment are an essential part, which can ensure the normal power supply and multiple safety measures for various places such as power stations and industrial and mining enterprises.
At the same time, the high and low voltage complete equipment can also track and monitor the transportation, quality, and other aspects of electricity to prevent accidents from occurring.